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IDF Military Police Beret Insignia



The military police serves the Human Resources Directorate in the IDF, although it falls under a different command during an emergency situation (such as war). The military police has attracted a negative image over the years due to it being responsible for putting many Israeli soldiers in jail for various misconducts, but this image is thought to be recovering, especially as of 2004 when the police started to check Palestinians at checkpoints (a position most Israelis consider vital for the state's security). The military police is also known for having one of the strictest levels of discipline in the IDF. It is also one of the first corps to allow women to perform equal duties to men, and the first corps to have a combat-certified woman. In the Israel Defense Forces, it is responsible for the following: * Enforcing the discipline and proper image of Israeli soldiers, especially new military laws that come into being * Guarding Israeli military prisons, both those with Israeli and Palestinian prisoners * Checking Palestinians for weapons and explosives, and sometimes their intentions at checkpoints This responsibility was passed to the military police in 2003 (formally) and 2004 (in practice), before which it was taken up by other corps. The military police follows the principle of A Choice in Life, which says no to traffic accidents, narcotics, alcohol, suicide and improper use of weapons.

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